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Vision and Mission

Shaqra University  the most recent Saudi universities that decision of High Royal issued to create it, where issued Royal Decree No. (7305 / MB dated 03/09/1430 e) to establishment Shaqra University  , from the keenness of Kingdom Government  and Custodian of Two Holy Mosques - may Allah bless him - to Renaissance in the field of public education and university education particularly.

University looks forward with other universities during Ninth Development Plan to achieve overall objectives, represented in  preparation and development of national human resources, and provision of qualified personnel and trained in response to needs of development and needs of job market, and enrich  scientific research development of Graduate Studies to satisfy community and needs of development issues. The university also is looking forward expand to accept secondary school students as far as possible, and apply different types of education. will also open more scientific colleges during the Ninth Plan to satisfy the need development of qualified national powers. currently has (21) College distributed in several provinces and centers in city of Riyadh, which is: Shaqra , Huraimla, Alquwaiya, Ad Dawadmi, Sajer, Dhurma, Afif, Almuzahmya, Thadeq and Almahmal .


Shaqra University its vision is global leadership and excellence in higher education.


Shaqra University  , which seeks to perform mission, the major task for achieve was university established, are: provision of distinguished education, and production of creative research serving higher education, through  creation of stimulating environment for learning and intellectual creativity, optimum use of technology and active local and international partnership.


Proceeding  from values of our religion and our bright culture, we believe in following values :

Quality and Excellence

University measure it's performance by applying high-level standards respected great ambitions, and  pursuit of excellence through our commitment to highest intellectual standards in teaching, learning and innovation.

Leadership and Teamwork

University is firmly committed to promotion of individual and institutional leadership roles that drive social development with our deep belief professionalism and responsibility, creativity and teamwork

Academic Freedom

The intellectual exploration disciplined and sincere essence of our academic traditions, which is evident in all aspects of scientific and academic activities of University.

Justice and Fairness

University is committed to principles of social justice and equal opportunities, cultural diversity and are committed  all members of university community to highest levels of integrity, respect and professional ethics.

Transparency and Accountability

University is firmly committed to offer its thought and ideas on society and scientists to measure amount of their contributions to global knowledge, and adheres all members of university community to respect our values in all scientific and academic activities.

Continuous Learning

University is committed to supporting continuous learning inside and outside community, and to promote continuous intellectual growth, and well-being sustainable society.

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