Deanship of Library Affairs at Shaqra University was established upon the approval of the Higher Education Council at its (sixty-fifth) session held on 3/7/1432H with decision no. 24/65/1432. It was honoured as well by the supreme approval of King Salman (Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques), the prime minister and the president of higher education council, direction no. (MB/370409) dated 10/9/1432H. This approval is due to the recognition of the university libraries essential role in supporting and fostering educational and research programs and the development of culture and knowledge. Shaqra university libraries have an impact in serving its’ community where Deanship of Library Affairs is concerned with providing various knowledge resources to university affiliates; faculty members, students, and researchers. The Deanship of Library Affairs oversees all university libraries either in technical or administrative matters as well as organizes general policies of university libraries. It also represents the university in local and international events related to book fairs. The Deanship looks forward to implementing its future plans with the support and of his Excellency the University Rector and the vice presidents to fulfill faculty members, students, and researchers needs.